• Hilmar Valsson
4. term, Building Informatics (cand.tech.), Master (Master Programme)
Research scope:
The scope is social networking in the context of AEC industry.
The thesis purpose is to contribute to the understanding of the synthesis of social networking and AEC industry. Investigate the role of social networking in the context of the AEC industry: opportunities and challenges?
Social networking is emerging into the AEC industry for internal communications, still limited to intra-organizational collaboration. This thesis reveals that the AEC actors believe on improved communications and development of ICT is related to BIM. The participants of this thesis though believe social networking can facilitate implementation of ICT solutions as BIM solutions.
This thesis is limited to period of time and not actually testing the usability in actual cases.
Social networking in context of AEC industry provokes questions of the current communications pattern.
Value for practitioners:
The aim is to introduce social networking and introduce different meanings of the media to created context to think in. There are different opportunities as well challenges on the level of humans, technology and organizational interactions.
The AEC-industry, social media, social networking, integration, collaboration and communication.
Paper type:
Mixed-method study
Publication date13 Apr 2012
Number of pages120
ID: 62458013