• Maddalen Ayala Cerezo
The current critical situation of the plastic waste industry is undeniable. The increasing importance of the circular economy is raising the awareness of managing those plastics in a sustainable way. Innovation ecosystems seem to be a solution to incorporate circular economy in the plastic waste industry. However, the role of innovation ecosystems is debatable. There are different authors defining innovation ecosystems, which will be critically examined. The aim of this thesis is evaluating the role of innovation ecosystems in the circular plastics economy, through choosing some relevant best practices in the field and comparing them with the theoretical background of innovation ecosystems.
Problem formulation:Which are the roles of innovation ecosystems for the circular plastics economy?
Results: Collaboration is the is the basis of innovation ecosystem. They work as source of collaborative ideas between different actors, where they exchange knowledge and benefit mutually. This collaboration and cooperation is essential to implement circularity in the plastic waste industry.
SpecialisationEnvironmental Management and Sustainability Science
Publication date8 Jun 2018
Number of pages65
ID: 280593817