• Nicola Maria Nastasia Tungelund Jensen
In literature regarding training of individual creativity, two separated focuses were found; creativity training and activation. Creativity training considers the impact of training on an individual’s creativity, and activation describes how a number of actions can temporarily increase activation in the individual. As these areas are not considered in context to each other, certain tendencies in the literature about the results of creativity training should be reconsidered, especially regarding activation occurring during creativity training, and how this impact the long-term effects of the gained increase in creativity from training.
This explorative study performs a qualitative data-process involving eight interviews with individuals haven taken a creative training course, and through a critical realistic methodology finds that activation plays a role on creativity level. Through an analysis of self-defined data from the interviewees, it is found that there seems to exist a positive effect from creativity training, but whether this effect is either long-term increasing or decreasing, depends on how the individuals tacitly utilize activation in their daily live.
Publication dateJun 2019
Number of pages187
ID: 305238465