• Katrin-Sophie Salcher
  • Patrycja Klara Ziemienowicz
  • Katarzyna Lis
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
The following paper presents a design proposal for The Refugee Community Village located on the outskirts of Aarhus, Denmark.
The project is an architectural response to current and future humanitarian and migration crises by shaping a mixed-use, timber-framed building complex designed to evolve and adapt over time. Following inspiration from naturally occurring growth patterns, the structure is characterized by additive modules superimposed with a structural grid system. The panelized grid superstructure serves as a facilitator for architectural flexibility. Conceived to be capable of expanding or contracting with greater amenity, it supports a variety of infill elements that can be configured to frame a range of programmatic possibilities. The system allows for change over time and according to the needs of the users.
Regardless of its initial purpose it is to be thought as an ever-evolving building system that can transform and fit into other function in the future (e.g. student accommodation, social housing), when the crisis is over.
The project is meant to establish a new typology, connecting and accommodating refugees and locals alike by designing an inclusive community village that covers more than just a basic shelter need.
Publication date23 May 2022
Number of pages305
ID: 471143678