The Pragmatic Explorer Model & Diaspera

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Natascha Jarak Jensen
4. term, Software Development, Master (Master Programme)
The country needs more entrepreneurs. For Denmark to stay a competitive country we need to support and encourage people with an entrepreneurial mindset. Living in a digital age, software projects are becoming more and more important, meaning we need to focus more on supporting them. This master thesis project presents a proposol of a model an entrepreneur can use to explore and experiment an idea with. Framing the model with the base of pragmatic philosophy together with other theories, tools and concepts connected with pragmatism. Diaspera is a platform for Asian diaspora living in a Western country. Through applying the model with Diaspera this project will discover new and alternative ideas and perspectives.
Publication date8 Jun 2016
Number of pages65
ID: 234976014