• Camilla Ravn Overby Nielsen

Purpose: The overall aim of this thesis is to generate an understanding of how the utilization of employer branding can benefit smaller Danish organizations in the (previously anticipated) intensified global competition for newly graduates. Furthermore, it aims to give a trustworthy picture of the (actual) competition for newly graduates, and their work value preferences.
Problem Formulation: This thesis is focusing on newly graduates’ work value preferences, if graduate programs are affecting their preferences towards a specific size of organization, as well as how smaller Danish organizations are handling the intensified global competition for new talents, and if they can benefit from using employer branding to attract newly graduates. The core theoretical concept utilized for this research has been Employer Branding, which in recent years has been experiencing more importance, particularly with the ‘war for talent’.
Research Design: To answer the research question a predominating qualitative research de-sign, composed by a case study approach, utilizing a mixed-methods research design carried out by two different methods, an online social web survey along with semi-structured inter-views.
Findings: The initial focus of this research was to identify external employer branding value proposition framework for newly graduates, in order for smaller Danish organizations to use it as a branding strategy in the global competition for new talents. However, a paradox was found, since the smaller organizations only want experienced employees – leading towards employer branding upside-down.
Research limitations/implications: The results of this research start a new set of questions, which need further research. Even though this thesis offers new insights on smaller Danish organizations and the newly graduates anno 2018, it does meet some limitations. However, for similar, smaller Danish organizations, this research can be used as an inspiration or foun-dation for a new framework related to new employer branding strategies.

Keywords: Employer branding, organizational awareness, talent attraction, recruitment, newly graduates, work value preferences, graduate programs, ‘war for talent’
Publication date15 Sept 2018
Number of pages73
ID: 286997722