The Musicon Path

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Esben Oxholm Bonde
4. Term, Lighting Design (Master Programme)
The main focus for this master thesis project is the development of an overall lighting design concept for a specific path located in Roskilde, Denmark. The lighting design is created based on the question: “How to create an innovative, sustainable and context adapted lighting design concept that through coherence, wayfinding and visual interest, invites people to use the Musicon-path?”. The solution consists of four elements: A theme, layers, interactivity and timing. The theme is the concept of flow which helps to create a sense of coherence and adds variability along the path. The layers consist of a functional, spatial and effect layer. The functional provides the needed lighting on the path itself, the spatial layer enhances the feeling of safety and intimacy, while the effect layer adds wayfinding and a visual interest. The effect layer is interactive and dynamic at different degrees depending on the specific contexts at the specific squares. The dimming and on/off-cycle of the lighting is synched with the changing day/night-cycle throughout the course of a year, thus minimizing energy use and light pollution.

A second part of the master thesis project revolved about research investigating if it is possible to influence the walking speed of people using light through the question: “Can a row of lights with animated intensities, along a path, affect people’s walking speed?”. The small scale test showed positive results that, at least, suggests that it is possible to influence the walking speed of people using a moving peak of intensity. This knowledge can be implemented in the specific design concept and is also potentially interesting for a row of other applications as well.
Publication date16 Dec 2016
Number of pages118
External collaboratorRoskilde Kommune
Gunilla Rasmussen
ID: 245479951