• Cristiane Portantiolo Manzolli
  • Julia Christina Bromm
4. Term, Lighting Design (Master Programme)
This report presents a comprehensive exploration of lighting quality theories and their application in the realm of museum lighting. It delves into the challenges faced by lighting designers as integral members of a project team and emphasizes the significance of effective communication skills in this professional domain. Through interviews conducted with museum staff and lighting designers, the research sheds light on the collaborative process between these entities and elucidates the expectations that museums have for designers. By examining the interplay between lighting, spatial dynamics, and human perception, the study contributes to a deeper understanding of their convergence within the museum context. Additionally, it identifies specific lighting techniques for exhibition spaces and translates them into quantifiable parameters of lighting quality, encompassing visual appearance, spatial perception, and visual narrative. The study reveals the interconnectedness of these criteria, where changes in one dimension can significantly impact the others. Finally, a toolkit is developed as a means of facilitating communication and collaboration between lighting designers and other professionals involved in the process of setting an exhibition. This toolkit serves as a practical resource to enhance the effectiveness of their partnership.
Publication date25 May 2023
Number of pages109
External collaboratorFortheloveoflight
Partner and COO - Lighting Designer Merete Madsen [21.27] Julia Christina Bromm merete@fortheloveoflight.dk
ID: 530893021