• Simon Lie
The purpose of this thesis is to gain an understanding into how Realfooding influences consumer behaviour in Spain. As Realfooding is a relatively new phenomenon, only very little research has been done on the subject. This makes this thesis extra relevant in order to obtain and add new knowledge regarding Realfooding from the theoretical perspective of consumer behaviour.

In the social constructivist paradigm, subjective perceptions are crucial to understanding how the world is perceived. I, therefore, gathered literature regarding the general consumer behaviour theory as well as focusing on food choices and food trends in their relation to Realfooding. This provided me with a common knowledge of the theory and how it is perceived.

The common knowledge from the literature review was later used as the foundation for the case study regarding Realfooding, which took place during the six month I lived in Spain. The case study focused on two main parts: (1st) a netnographic research made on Realfoodings interaction platform My_Realfooding_App, focusing on Realfooders behaviour and interaction at the online Realfooding community, (2nd) semi-structured interviews with Realfooders giving insight on Realfooders in Spain and their own motivation for being a Realfooder, from their own perspective. The consensus of the case study that involved the netnographic research and semi-structed interviews formed the foundation of the new understanding and new common knowledge.

The results and findings of the thesis concludes that Realfooding does influence consumer behaviour in Spain by changing the common knowledge perceived in the Spanish society regarding health. This change of knowledge has created a new general consumer behaviour in Spain that focuses on health issues concerned with the consumption of ultra-processed food and is also tied to traditional Spanish cuisine and forgotten national dishes, focusing on locality, honesty and transparency influenced by Realfooding.
Publication date2 Jun 2020
Number of pages71
ID: 332997964