4. term, European Studies, Master (Master Programme)
The time 2007-2013 is a special period in the European Union. From the very beginning of the 2007 the EU is bringing into effect the new European Budget. The various state members’ activities in the field of agriculture, infrastructure, education and many others are financed by the budget’s funds. All activities are included in the special programmes prepared for the 2007-2013 by the EU. One of these Programmes is the Human Capital Operational Programme. The problem of human capital lies in the sphere of my interests and I decided to explore my knowledge of this problem. Due to that my master thesis concerns the different areas where the human capital plays a core role. The problem occupied in this paper will be what kind of concerns does the Polish government have regarding the EU Human Capital Operational Programme 2007-2013? The main “receiver” of the HCOP’s actions is the labour market and its elements. The Programme focuses on the spheres like: employment, education, social integration, the development of adaptation’s potential of employees and entrepreneurs, the development of human resources in the rural areas and all levels of public administration etc. This paper concerns two selected priorities of the HCOP: labour market open for all and employment and social integration. Very essential during the implementation this kind of Programmes is the condition and the preparation of the economy’s elements which will be influenced by Programme. In the case of the HCOP it is labour market and the human capital. Due to that fact I have been investigated the different elements of the Polish labour market like; general theoretical characterization of unemployment in Poland, Pole’s attitude to the labour market – mentality of Poland or black economy in Poland. This action enables me to know better the condition of the Polish labour market. The rest of the priorities of the HCOP refers to the different elements of the labour market and point the goals which have to be realizing to improve the condition of the human capital and labour market. Despite the fact that the implementation of the HCOP might be the revolution for the labour market it might be also a kind of challenge for every government of the EU member states which might face a lot of different obstacles on their way during the realization of the HCOP’s goals. It results from the fact that the form of the HCOP is general which has to be adjusted to the national conditions. Apart from that this national version has to be approved by the European Commission. I decided to know these obstacles creating the general characterization of the Polish labour market and presenting descriptive version of the selected priorities. Moreover, I based my conclusions on the theories: neofunctionalism and liberal interngovernmentalism which in various extend refer to my problem.
Publication date2009
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