• Stefan-Octavian Vezeanu
The marketing literature speaks about the satisfaction of the external customer by firstly satisfying the internal customer through the establishment of an Internal Marketing plan (Wasmer et al., 1991). Reflecting on the topic and based on the literature, it could be proved that the concept of Internal Marketing doesn‟t apply the same way everywhere; the Central-Eastern European countries, with strong communist influences showing that culture of a nation may influence the Internal Marketing implementation. Based on the literature regarding the implementation of IM in the CEE, several propositions have been formed, related to the way the CEE countries are adapting to the IM implementation
Willing to validate the assumptions taken, a qualitative study based on non-participant observations (Kuada, 2010), depicted from semi-structured interviews has been conducted in Romania, member of the CEE, willing to find matching patterns between Romania and the CEE, regarding the extent of IM implementation.
The study showed that the MNEs are aware of the IM practices, but that they are not effectively implementing it. Propositions related to IM elements such as Internal Communications have been proved right as there are issues related to the IC in the whole region, including Romania. On the other side, contrary to the neighbor countries and to the literature, the MNEs are sending to Romania expatriate senior-managers born outside of Romania but in a country with very similar culture and values. Moreover, if it was thought that in the countries with a communist past the society relates to following norms, the findings of this study indicate to an open to change behavior of the young employees within the MNEs.
Publication dateFeb 2018
ID: 268544591