• Pascal Schurmann
  • Eileen Winterholt
Purpose: The purpose of this research is to uncover if there is a difference between German and Danish consumers when it comes to the decision making process of sustainable clothes as well as which factors are of most importance within the process. A literature review is conducted in order to identify potential factors of direct importance on the decision making process. Secondly, empirical research is conducted in order to confirm these findings adapted to the Danish and German consumer. To support the research questions, three hypotheses are introduced. Lastly, based on the findings an outlook and implications are given.

Method: As the research method in this project is a quantitative approach of data collection, an online questionnaire, is used. The questionnaire was distributed to both Danish and German students. Overall 208 participants contributed to the research. Out of those, 111 are from Germany and 97 are from Denmark. The findings of this research are analyzed in SPSS where the comparison between the two countries in regards to the chosen factors are the main focus. The analysis is conducted using various statistical methods, such as an ANOVA test, cross tabs in combination with a chi-square test, as well as correlations of factors and linear regression in order to determine the influence of factors.

Findings: The literature review revealed three main influential factors on the sustainable decision making process: knowledge of sustainability issues, price variables and self-image. Those three factors are shown to have no to little influence on the need recognition phase of the decision making process. However, a significant relation between the factors themselves are proven. Further, the study proves the findings of other scholars and acknowledges the influence on the purchase intention of the three identified factors. Additionally, there are other factors which seem to also have an importance on the decision making process as the tested ones.
Publication date4 Jun 2019
Number of pages83
ID: 305116456