• Irena Dimitrova Peneva
4. term, Tourism, Master (Master Programme)
Electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM) is a contemporary phenomenon and it is a subject of many discussions. It is an influential factor for customers’ purchase decisions, consequently, it has an impact on the companies involved. The current project will investigate on one hand, how negative eWOM can affect the Danish hotel industry and on the other hand, by what means Danish hotels defend their image and reputation against guests’ critiques expressed on the Internet.

Personal unstructured interview and self-completion e-questionnaire were conducted with a number of Danish hotel managers in order to collect data. It was revealed that negative eWOM can have a harmful impact on hotels’ image and reputation if the problem is very serious and no corporate effort was made to fix it. The data collection has shown that hotels tend to adopt response strategies in order to deal with negative online reviews. The most used strategy is the accommodative one due to its favorable influence on hotel guests’ behavior and purchase decision-making.
Publication date30 May 2015
Number of pages53
ID: 213262349