• Alisha Rai
4. term, Service Systems Design, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis uses service design thinking and behavioral economics framework to investigate the cause and impact of privacy concerns in social media users. Based on the findings from a literature review, primary data, and workshops, interventions are developed to drive users toward a new behavior. Users' privacy concerns are based on their perceptions, experiences, and perceived benefits. Based on the analysis of Facebook's privacy settings, the thesis concludes that users' privacy behavior has been affected by an exogenous factor known as a network drive, which leads to behavior that leads to privacy concerns and distrust. As a result of this case study, a behavioral change tool was developed that can be used to brainstorm solutions for changing social media users' behavior towards active privacy. Finally, an example of a use case was provided to demonstrate how this study can be used.

Publication date4 Apr 2023
Number of pages78
ID: 522353758