• Carlos Alaejos García
The main goal of this project is to study how the internet as a new means of mass communication might have an effect on the relation between the established global power and the people. In the project the relations between power and people, control and freedom, and Corporatocracy and democracy are examined. Some of the main assumptions that will be identified are how the power is exercised from a national to a global level, how the control of the media assists the social control and denies freedom to people and how the Corporatocracy is a reality in the western countries. These assumptions derive from the main assumption that the power is sustained thanks to the people's belief in the current system. Yet, in this project it is found that this happens only because the communication networks are manipulated by the corporatocratic elite. Therefore it is argued that the internet is the only independent media with potential enough to disable the social control. In order to give a clear view of this issue, first, the power relationship between the corporatocratic power and the people will be explained, as well as the global capitalist structure that makes the Corporatocracy possible. This will be done using the theoretical framework provided by the theories of Transnational Capitalist Class and Communication Power. This theoretical framework will be complemented with other theories, such as Chomsky's approach to the manipulation and control of public opinion. Second, the current corporatocratic establishment will be explained as well as the way in which the financial networks exercise their power from the top of the system. This will be analyzed in order to highlight the lack of democratic values in the corporatocratic structure, especially when it comes to the key freedom defined in this project as the freedom of speech. Third, the importance of the independence of the media in a democratic system and how that is contrary to the corporatocratic system will be analyzed, and it will be shown how this creates a struggle between the people and the power. The main findings of this project are that the internet is currently at the center of that struggle due to its condition as a free media. This threatens the corporatocratic power, which exists due to its ability to manipulate public opinion. Furthermore, the project identifies two possible future paths for the western countries. Either they became true democracies because of the social movements' efforts towards this or the Corporatocracy will succeed in controlling and manipulating the internet, further weakening the democracy.
Publication date1 Jun 2012
Number of pages68
ID: 63483795