• Ana Navarro Wagner
4. term, Music Therapy, Master (Master Programme)
This study re-frames the experiences of four European music therapists that have volunteered in a music therapy program with local disadvantaged children in Gulu (Northern Uganda, Africa) from a Community Music Therapy (CoMT) point of view. CoMT is a relatively new field in contemporary music therapy that focuses on socio-cultural sensitivity and reflects on the role of culture and context in establishing situated practices. The qualities of CoMT offer a new framework for a situated practice in an unconventional setting like Gulu's socio-cultural post-war context. Through a phenomenological analysis of the researcher's field notes and of the interviews to three music therapists, a series of qualities of CoMT will be used to re-frame common patterns of their experiences. This study -therefore- explores the possibilities that a new framework can offer to develop a situated music therapy practice. Finally, the study suggests an Action Research process as an optimal future path for Gulu's context.
Publication date30 May 2013
Number of pages134
ID: 76920347