• Viktoria Ósk Einarsdóttir
Purpose: This thesis aims to investigate how knowledge on environmental issues caused by the fashion sector influences sustainable behavior among millennial fashion consumers. To support the data collection process, a comprehensive analysis of the existing literature was performed to investigate topics concerning the fashion industry and sustainability including sustainable behavior, slow fashion, and fast fashion. Moreover, a conceptual framework was constructed from which five hypotheses were tested as a means to answer the research questions of the thesis.

Method: The method utilized throughout this study follows a quantitative approach, thus collecting data through a self-administered web survey. The survey was allocated to individuals within communities on social media platforms including Facebook and LinkedIn. After cleansing the dataset in terms of the valid age range for this study, 74 participants remain, with the majority of participants being females or 60.8%. The analysis of the collected data was done with the support of IBM SPSS software. Moreover, the data analysis included statistical methods such as multivariate linear regression, ANOVA test, and variable coefficient testing.

Findings: The SPSS analysis of the data showed that environmental knowledge has a significant influence on sustainable clothing behavior. Hence, knowledge about the environmental impact of fashion and clothing production has a positive effect on purchasing intention for sustainable clothing. Additionally, knowledge about the environmental impact of fashion has a positive effect on sustainable behavior. Consumer attitude also proved to positively affect purchase intention on sustainable clothing. These findings were similar to the findings discovered in previous studies. However, the findings also revealed that participants' behavior to recycle such as donating clothing are negatively influenced by their knowledge of the environmental impact of clothing production.
Publication date1 Jun 2022
Number of pages133
ID: 471793260