The Dungeons and the phenomenon 'Dark tourism'

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Brynn Ida Dan Hull
4. term, Tourism, Master (Master Programme)
‘Dark tourism’ is an important aspect of tourism. It can be found around the world at different locations. Furthermore, the phenomenon ‘Dark tourism’ as such has been growing in the last two centuries, and therefore many scholars have different definitions regarding it. In the following, the researcher will go through the different definitions and explore the phenomenon. Furthermore, Stone (2006) has argued that different attractions within ‘Dark tourism’ lie within a spectrum. He argues that some attractions are darker than others. One attraction especially will be mentioned: The Dungeons within Merlin Entertainments. The researcher will explore the phenomenon ‘Dark tourism’ in the context of the Dungeons, and explore if the Dungeons can be classified as a ‘Dark tourism’ attraction. To do so, the researcher has used qualitative methods, such as participant observation, interview, focus group and reviews on social networks. The social networks, which the researcher have found reviews on, are: Facebook, Google and Trip Advisor. Through the reviews, the researcher has categorized six different experiences: Age, Funny, History, Learn, Scary and Dark tourism. This research concludes in what way the Dungeons challenge the phenomenon ‘Dark tourism’.
Publication date31 Jul 2017
External collaboratorMerlin Entertainments
Michael Hoogdorp
Information group
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