The digital mindset: A theoretical discussion

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Fruzsina Vivienne Benke
We are living in the age of the digital. The digital revolution started with the introduction of the first microprocessor and from there technology came a long way and radically changed the life of the individual. Digital technology surrounds us and slowly but surely it changes the way people think and behave. The impact of digitalisation can be sensed not only on an individual level but on a company level too. In the age of digitalisation some companies are more successful than ever while other struggle for survival or are already out of business. Why is this happening? The answer is the fact that some companies and mainly the managers leading the companies have adopted the so called digital mindset. This digital mindset is the focus of this thesis. Being a new and interesting concept it provides many new areas to discuss and research. This thesis wishes to open up this discussion by conceptualising the term “digital mindset”. The two main concerns of the thesis are: how can the digital mindset be understood from a managerial point of view and how can it be possibly measured.
Publication date4 Jun 2013
Number of pages66
ID: 77247468