The character of eco-feedback systems for energy communities

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Èlia Gil Pena
Energy communities are emerging around Europe with the purpose to transition to an energy system where individuals can also be energy producers. Although energy communities are still being studied, it seems that members of such organisations will need a tool to manage clean energy together. Eco-feedback appears to be an appropriate tool to fulfil this need. On the other hand, eco-feedback systems have had a focus on individual consumers, but systems with a community focus are missing. The research presented here aims to identify the character and characteristics of eco-feedback systems for energy communities might have. Two different artefacts have been developed and analysed on a focus group session with potential energy community members to find this character. The findings show that participants identified characteristics related to eco-feedback systems purposes, but they also came up with a set of properties related to the community. That proves that such a system can also be a cohesive tool for the community to have a sustainable lifestyle.
Publication date10 Jun 2020
Number of pages35
ID: 333956565