The AIIB's Implications to the Sino-US Relations

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Dongxue Yin
The establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has aroused wide attention among the world and caused heated discussion in academic circles. On the one hand, it marks the status transformation of China from a world order follower to a game changer due to its growing comprehensive national power and enhanced international image; on the other hand, some of the US’s important allies have joined the AIIB despite opposition from the Washington, which renders the newly established institution a diplomatic victory, the US’s power reduce and hegemony decline on the Asia-Pacific region. China intends to provide collective goods, infrastructure investment in specific, under the framework of the AIIB, this action will further strengthen China’s importance and prompt its strategy of power pursuit and interest chasing according to the realism thoughts. The US rejects the invitation of becoming a member ever since its initiation and takes actions correspondently. The Sino-US relations has always been featured with power struggle, hegemony contest and dominator-aggressor competition, the AIIB might cast some new light on this topic.
SpecialisationChina and International Relations
Publication date22 May 2018
Number of pages60
ID: 279595368