This project is conducted under the “Danish visionary energy policy 2025” that aims at addressing the overall Danish energy system for the year 2025. This was then incorporated further in different levels of planning ranging from national to municipal levels. Central Denmark Region (CDR) drafted a regional plan that aims at achieving 50% renewable energy share by the year 2025 which will play a significant role towards fulfilling 30% renewable energy in 2025 on a national level.

The focus then shifts to a municipal level of planning and Horsens which one of the municipalities located in CDR, is analyzed for potential wind turbine locations. Therefore the planning objective is to analyze the designated wind turbine locations on whether it turns out to be a good investment option or not.

This is performed by analyzing the locations using WindPRO software tool that has the possibility of calculating the annual energy production of a given location. The tool also has the ability of calculating the noise levels of wind turbines on areas sensitive to land use and as for shadow calculations, the tool is able to determine the number of shadow hours expected to affect neighboring buildings.

Finally, the financial calculations will be determined by applying neo-classical economics. This will be conducted with the aid of COMPOSE tool that will be used to perform techno-economic project assessment mainly focusing on the cost-benefit analysis.

Therefore the conclusion and recommendations will be based on the results of the analyses mentioned and this should be able to answer the question on whether investors would be interested in investing in wind power within Horsens area.
Publication date7 Jun 2012
Number of pages81
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