• Kim Ellegaard Jacobsen
4. term, Networks and Distributed Systems, Master (Master Programme)
This project analyzes the performance of the protocol called MPTCP. It tries to determine if the protocol is a viable candidate to be deployed in a rural area of Denmark, where the Internet connections are of poor quality with slow throughput, and can aggregate the bandwidth from a DSL connection and a 4G connecting and still be able to be used for interactive streaming purposes. It uses a testbed setup specifically for this project that consists of a Server running Ubuntu 14.04, a gateway that creates 2 emulated DSL connections of 2048 Kbps downstream and 2048 Kbps upstream and a client that uses two interfaces to aggregate the bandwidth. Both the server and the client are running a Linux implementation of the Multipath TCP kernel from \cite{linux-mptcp}. The project concludes that MPTCP is a viable candidate, for deployment in a similar scenario as described in this project, but that further testing is needed in order to be able to fully conclude, if the network connection is suited for running interactive streaming applications, when using MPTCP with heterogeneous paths.
Publication date2 Jun 2016
Number of pages125
ID: 234611102