Thermomechanical Related Failures in IGBT Based Power Converters

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Lotte Haxen Østergaard
4. term, Nanotechnology, Master (Master Programme)
In the present work IGBT based power converters are subjected to an accelerated test.
The heat transfer in the power module is simulated showing that a cyclic temperature
change is present during power cycling. Stresses are thus induced at the interfaces between
different materials, which causes thermomechanical related failures. Some of these failures
are investigated in this project.
The topology of the metallization on the semiconductor chips are examined using scanning
electron microscopy (SEM) and focused ion beam (FIB) milling. The degradation of the
semiconductor chips and the wires are examined through electrical measurements with
four-point probing. A study of the grains structure of the wires is carried out using
micro-sectioning. These methods enables degradation mapping of the power module.
SpecialisationNanophysics and -materials
Publication date4 Jun 2014
Number of pages90
ID: 198547154