Temple for Hilma

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Dennis Ehrenreich Graves
  • Casper Langberg Thaier
  • Alexander Elgaard Sørensen
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
The Temple for Hilma, a master thesis project, from Architectecture and Design, Aalborg university, 2017. The project aim to develop a museum for the artist Hilma af Klint (1862-1944). Hilma af Klint started painting abstract paintings in 1906. 4 years before, MoMA declared the beginning of abstract. Hilma af Klint never showed her art in her life time. Stating that her paintings should only be revealed 20 years after her death. She examined her subjects through series of paintings. Throughout her life, she never stopped reflecting on her own art. This research is carried out through the development of an integrated architectonical solution. Where the technical concerns are placed in response to phenomenological demands, applying the notion of ´creative engineering´. The ´temple for Hilma´ expresses the journey of Hilma af Klint’s life and art, through the use of atmosphere and tectonics, setting the frame for her art. Enhancing the experience through architectonically leading the visitor via the senses.
Publication date17 May 2017
Number of pages188


ID: 257760145