Thermal dynamics of rainwater detention ponds

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Rie Larsen
There these days focus on the water environment, it’s the goal of EU that all water in the
member states will obtain Good ecological status before 2027.
The report is about thermal pollution of the water environment.
The project is based on the rainwater detention pond 302,9 near Vodskov, and the recipient
brook Mødholt bæk.
It’s examined what effect the high temperature doing the summer in rainwater detention
pond, have on flora and fauna in the water environment.
In the Rainwater detention pond and Mødholt Bæk there are collected some measurements
of temperature and water level. Close to the rainwater detention pond there is a weather
station to measure wind, rain and global solar radiation.
The measurement of the water temperature doing the summer in the rain water detention
pond shows stratification in dry weather, there is a temperature difference between the top
and the bottom gauge.
Doing rainfall the water is mixed in the pond and the discharge temperature is reduced to
the inlet temperature.
Mødholt Bæk is thermal polluted from the rainwater detention pond 302,9 in dry weather.
Doing rainfall the brook are thermal loaded from a source upstream the discharge from the
rainwater detention pond, that the discharge from rainwater detention pond don’t raise the
temperature further.
Publication date8 Jun 2012
Number of pages68
ID: 63717248