• Mette Vittinghus
  • Lene Lund Løwe
  • Morten Frederik Schuster Pedersen
4. term, Clinical Science and Technology, Master (Master Programme)
Using technology fills more and more of nurses working time,
which set higher requirements for the handling and
understanding of technology in general. For optimal utilization
of the technologies used, requires a successful
In this project, the purpose is to study the challenges
combined with: Does nurses' approach to new technology
impact on successful implementation? There is searched for a
connection between nurses' approach to new technology with
the concept of technology understanding and successful
Study Design: Qualitative research with a case study, which
draws on the critical paradigm. The approach is exploratory,
since there is found a knowledge gap in the scientific
Data Collection Methods: There is used selected various
creative methods of data collection, a kick-off workshop,
workshop, expert interviews, observations, unstructured
interviews, literature searches and conference. Triangulation
of the methods is used: The data collection methods are
grouped into three main objectives: clarification of the
knowledge gap, clarification and understanding of theoretical
concepts, generating data for analysis.
This project concluded that the planning and execution
of technology implementation in clinical practice, should
be taken nurses' approach to technology into account,
by clarifying ‘technology-understanding’ as it may affect
the success of the implementation.
Publication date3 Jun 2015
Number of pages136
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