• Tobias Madsen
4. term, Interactive Digital Media, Master (Master Programme)
The focus of this master thesis is the evolving field of augmented reality, more specific mobile augmented reality applications for smartphones, and the experience users get from them. More and more applications using augmented reality are seen on the market, but as it seems, none of them are concerned with the user experience. This thesis tries to examine how it is possible to actually measure such an experience.
The theoretical foundation will be based on three elements, which are key to understanding the user experience of mobile augmented reality. First of it is important to understand how augmented reality works, then the mobile media and the relations to augmented reality, these elements form the frame, in which the user experience will take place.
It is important to understand these elements individually, before it is possible to see them as a whole. By doing so, it is easier to grasp how the different elements work together, and the dependency they have towards one another. By setting up principles as to what a successful user experience of mobile augmented reality is, the grounds for examining this phenomenon have been laid down.
By testing three different cases of mobile augmented reality uses, with the different theories, it showed that a successful use of augmented reality in correlation with an understanding of the media resulted in a good user experience. The test was conducted using three different applications(Juanio, AR Invaders and iOnRoad), on three different test persons, while interviewing and observing them and their actions. These results where then analyzed, and the outcome showed that the use of augmented reality, is not always the best way to show graphics in an application. It also showed that the user need a specific use for the application, a social context, or else the application will seem useless and result in a negative feeling for the user, towards the application and use of augmented reality.
All in all this master thesis showed that examining the user experience of a mobile augmented reality application requires a specific approach, in which the examiner must be able to understand all elements of the experience, before conducting the tests. It is important to set up the right frames for the experiment, to be able to collect the relevant data, because it will affect the results, which also was apparent in this thesis.
Publication date31 May 2012
Number of pages55
ID: 63446764