• Zuzana Krystýnová

Scope – The major focus of this research paper is identity, consumption of tattoos and its possible influence on a future career after the transition from student life to work life.
Purpose – This research aims to explore behaviour of people who are ‘’consuming’’ tattoos, their perception and considerations of their tattoos body placements in connection to their future career and the way they may be influenced by their surroundings personally as well as professionally.
Methodology / Approach – Preliminary research was conducted with Danes as well as foreign people - both non-tattooed and tattooed in order to narrow the area of interest. Furthermore in depth interviews and netnographic research were conducted amongst a randomly chosen group of people representing Danes and foreign people who are tattooed and studying or are employed. These researches were done in order to explore their perception of their own identity, the way they ‘’consume’’ tattoos and its possible influence on their potential career.
Findings – Key findings include the major differences between experiences of the tattooed participants within the research as well as the perception they are given by other tattooed and non-tattooed people in general and its influence towards their identity.
Research limitations – Due to the fact that the overall topic in this thesis is identity which is a very complex area to research, it was not possible to find, for example, details about how the family, friends, employers and employees as colleagues perceive tattooed people. Furthermore findings from the research cannot be generalized due to the fact that the sample of the participants only represents few Danes and foreigners from few different parts of the world and the size of sample was limited. Possible longitudinal interviews and netnographic research could not be obtained due to the lack of time.
Practical implications – Findings are evaluated based on the answers and information given by the participants. The ways these people are treated and perceived by their surroundings show that it does influence their identity. It also shows that the communication towards tattooed people needs to be improved. Even though it is possible to see more and more tattooed people nowadays it does not mean that tattoos are absolutely accepted by the society, it still evoke some level of prejudice and associations of, for example, criminal background.
Conclusion – In this part a cross-analysis were conducted based on the findings from all of the areas. The major purpose was set in order to find possible patterns within different experiences and points of view regarding the identity and the consumption of tattoos with possible influence regarding the future career after graduating from university.
Paper type – Master Thesis research paper

Publication date2013
Publishing institutionAAU
ID: 78843102