• Mads Bock Christensen
  • Martin Fisker
  • Kasper Steen Fischer Topp
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
This master thesis investigates the use of tangible widgets in tablet games. Tangible widgets are small physical objects that can be recognized by the touch screen. Assumed advantages of tangible widgets are that they increase the intuitiveness of rotating objects on the screen, and they better afford user identification, when compared with regular finger touch. It is assumed that these advantages will make them suitable for tablet games. This master thesis details the design process of implementing a tablet game using tangible widgets, called Hover Wars. Using this game, a user test was conducted in order to explore user’s reception of this new form of interaction. The data from the test showed that a majority of users found it easier and more intuitive to use widgets than finger touch. However it also reveals that widget size, and occlusion of the screen, are potential issues when using widgets, and should be taken into account when designing them.
Publication date26 May 2015
Number of pages61
ID: 212949861