Tabletop games from table to tablet

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Steffen Nygaard
4. term, Interactive Digital Media, Master (Master Programme)
This Study looks at the difference in learnability, memorability, and engagement between the digital and physical version of ‘Kingdom Builder’. Several areas of interest were found through a literature review. The different areas was investigated through two different investigations. The first had participants divided up in groups of maximum three. Each group either played the physical or digital version. In the physical sessions the participants would learn the game through reading the manual, and in the physical sessions the participants would use the digital tutorial to learn the game. The investigation consisted of 28 participants that had never played ‘Kingdom Builder’. The investigation had a total of 11 sessions, six physical and five digital.
In the second investigation the participants would first first play the digital tutorial followed by playing the physical game. This was done because in the first investigation a factor used to measure memorability was not able to be performed in the digital game. This was only a pilot test and consisted of four participants divided into two sessions.
In the discussion, the study proposes that ‘Kingdom Builder’ include the digital version of the game in the box.
The study concludes that the digital version of the game has better learnability and memorability. The physical version of the game has better engagement.
Publication date20 Oct 2016
Number of pages46
ID: 242342167