• Camilla Kümmel Gade
4. term, Master of Sexology (Continuing education) (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
This master thesis is a study on how couple´s sexuality is affected after the loss of a child during pregnancy and a study on how healthcare professionals articulates and handles this situation. After the loss of a child, couple´s are often found left with a feeling of being on their own. It can be difficult to make their relationship as well as their sexual life a priority when grief takes over everyday life.
Through qualitative interview as research method this master thesis is exploring factors like intimacy and close relations and how they affect sexual desire.
Furthermore the master thesis is analyzing how healthcare professionals can advice couples on how to deal with the sexual difficulties entering after the loss of a child with the best possible affect.
The conclusion of the master thesis is, that the lack of sexual desire is only momentarily. It is important for women to feel that her grief and her need for mental and physical intimacy is accommodated by her partner. Close and meaningful relations with family and friends are important for the woman’s ability to deal with her grief. How her needs are met will affect the couple’s future sexual life.
Healthcare professionals must be trained and educated in a way so that they dare to bring sexuality into the conversation. 
Publication date2019
Number of pages49
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