System for Accurate Acoustic Presentation of Noise Sources

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Esben Madsen
  • Jorge Cofino Corcoles
4. term, Acoustics and Audio Technology, Master (Master Programme)
In this thesis, a system that is able to reproduce the sound from noise
sources as well as show the different levels present at different distances and
wind speeds has been designed.

This noise presentation system is composed by a small computer (nanoLIAB) and a user interface designed for it.
An overview of the current Danish legislations regarding noise evaluation of several kinds is given so it is known what the guidelines
to measure wind turbine noise are.

Next, an user guide on how to carry out measurements of wind turbine noise according to the standard IEC 61400 is presented and a measurement following this guide has taken place.
The recorded data is evaluated to find possible artifacts that may classify the signal as ``corrupt'' or
``clean'' and a calibration of the system is done.
The designed noise presentation system plays back the sound recorded from a wind turbine in combination with a set of parameters that characterize the reproduced signal.
The user interface provides a good overview of what is being played, by showing the user relevant
data about the source that is being played and enables the user to change the settings and thereby
playing a different sound.
Publication date3 Jun 2010
Number of pages145
Publishing institutionAalborg University, Acoustics, Department of Electronic Systems
ID: 32425406