System- and hazard identification of decision-making rationales

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Matias Pedersen Wulff
  • Thor Gjelstrup Kronow
4. term, Risk and Safety Management, Candidate (Master Programme)
A decision-making taxonomy could provide a valuable framework for decision-makers and stakeholders in a variety of decision-making purposes. In this thesis, a system identification is done to identify the elements that constitute a decision-making rationale. These constituents are used to create a taxonomy of decision-making rationales. The decision‐making rationale taxonomy is developed by collecting and analyzing information acquired by expert elicitation and reviewing relevant literature across different sciences. The influences between the elements in the taxonomy are identified and graphically represented in influence diagrams. From the system identification and influence diagrams, the hazards associated with the constituents within the decision-making taxonomy are identified and summarized in a table. Lastly, a discussion regarding the implications and uncertainties of the findings within the thesis is done, and further work is suggested.
Publication date2022
Number of pages141
ID: 458179165