• Nikolaj Stephansen
  • Daniel Nielsen
4. term, Building Informatics (cand.tech.), Master (Master Programme)
This report forms the Master thesis done for the 4th and final semester of Aalborg University´s 2 year Master degree in Building Informatics.
The purpose of the thesis is to shed light on the need for, and to develop a prototype of a system, that utilizes principles from Lean Construction and BIM, in a synergy. The prototype acts as a basis for a series of tests, done with possible future users of the system. In the development of the system, special focus is placed on functions, which compliment already existing work-conditions. How chosen actors structure their work today as well as their wants and needs for future systems, are thoroughly analyzed and treated by using the method MUST. This is done to form a solid foundation for the development of the prototype system, supported by methods and tools in the system development methodology Contextual Design.
Publication date9 Jan 2014
Number of pages186
ID: 175175220