• Niels Skov Vestergaard
4. term, Control and Automation, Master (Master Programme)
This project is concerned with developing nonlinear control strategies for a cart pendulum system set-up provided in the Control and Automation Lab by Aalborg University (AAU).\\
The project is two part. The first part considers the cart pendulum system and with an additional pendulum attached the second part considered the twin pendulum system. The objective of both pars is to swing up, catch and stabilize the pendulums in upright position.
In the first part three energy based swing-up controller are designed for the cart pendulum system. A sliding mode controller is developed to catch and stabilize the pendulum. One of the energy based swing-up strategies is implemented on the test setup along with the sliding mode controller.
In the second part knowledge from the first part is used to developed a swing-up strategy for the twin pendulum system. A Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) is designed as the stabilizing controller. The controllers are implemented and finally a Kalman filter is designed to estimate the unmeasured states of the twin pendulum system.
Publication date16 Jan 2019
Number of pages76
ID: 293651722