Svendborg Library

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Dan Holm
  • Emil Jensen Andersen
4. term, Architecture (, Master (Master Programme)
This master thesis thesis presents a design proposal for a new library in the port of Svendborg. The library is situated at the artificial island Frederiksøen, which used to function as a shipyard and today, makes an essential part of the maritime history and identity, which have characterized the town of Svendborg for centuries. The Danish architectural office Vandkunsten have developed a masterplan for Fredriksøen and will be used as a point of exit, regarding the future development of the site. The placement of a new library at Frederiksøen will add a new layer to the history as well as identity of the place and again connect the city of Svendborg with the port and its maritime culture. The development of the library and placement will set the framework for a unique experience, which integrates the industrial atmosphere of Svendborg in the very basis of the architectural concept. The library will act like a landmark for the city and be the natural social meeting point for the whole city of Svendborg.
Publication date7 Sept 2016
Number of pages122
ID: 240001133