• Tim Love Lundmark
This thesis investigates how urban regeneration projects can push for sustainable urban transport. Sustainable urban transport is viewed primarily through the lenses of Hutton, a British researcher who has identified several key points on how to achieve sustainable urban transport, these are complemented by other research to give more depth to the thesis. The thesis is motivated by following questions:
• What is sustainable urban transport and why/how is it encouraged in contemporary urban regeneration?
• How have the ideas of sustainable urban transport on different levels influenced the regeneration of Hammarby Sjöstad and later Stockholm Royal Seaport?
• How can regenerations such as Stockholm Royal Seaport and Hammarby sjöstad? contribute to sustainable urban transport?
• How can urban regeneration push for sustainable urban transport patterns as seen in the examples of Hammarby Sjöstad and later Stockholm Royal Seaport?
A case study is conducted to analyse sustainable urban transport in the regenerated Stockholm districts, chose as they are award winning with good possibilities to develop a sustainable urban transport system. Methods include interviews and document analysis that together try to show the complexity of sustainable urban transport. The thesis offer insight in sustainable urban transport regeneration projects and concludes that large scale regenerations can, given the right circumstances push sustainable urban transport planning and development forward.
SpecialisationUrban Planning and Management
Publication date8 Jan 2021
Number of pages61
ID: 399043700