• Daniella Domsa
The point of departure focuses on the correlation between the growing population and the increasing demand of food, as well as consequently the increasing amount of food waste and the waste of resources. The potential to create a change within these phenomena can be found within the newest ongoing project, the Cloud City Aalborg, including the investment in a Market Hall. Therefore, the research aims to investigate how a local food market can influence a shift within the food consumption through providing value to the food by offering experiences of a circular and resource-efficient loop. The loop that is centred by the Market Hall utilizes the food waste flow of the Market Hall and the restaurants by generating fertilizer in the composting facility for the food production of the rooftop-farms. With the intention find the connection between experiences and food consumption, an elaborate literature review is conducted. Further information is gathered from the project leader of the Box Town market, that is going to be the frontrunner project of the Market Hall, temporarily located in the area of the Cloud City Aalborg. For the design of the circular loop, literature review is applied, as well as the stakeholders are defined based upon the initial investment plans and previous studies that were conducted on the Cloud City Aalborg. Eventually the research develops a proposal for a concept of a sustainable food market, as well as the concept of the loop including the stakeholders and the flows of the food waste and resources.
SpecialisationEnvironmental Management and Sustainability Science
Publication date2017
Number of pages53
ID: 258876185