• Michelle Møller Jensen
4. term, Tourism, Master (Master Programme)
The purpose of this thesis is to investigate how events in Northern Jutland perceive sustainability and how do they operationalize sustainability through current or future implementations and which challenges they are dealing with. Sustainability within tourism has gained major attention both within the businesses that are involved in tourism and in the academic field. This has also been the case with events in tourism as sustainable aims are also on the current agenda within the field of events. The analysis is based on the qualitative method and thus will investigate the aim by interviewing a sample of events within the area of Northern Jutland this was done by semi-structured interviews with one representative from each event and additional an expert from the field was also interviewed. Both derived from the interviews and the literature about sustainability in events, the themes of the Triple Bottom Line emerged and their perceptions have been evaluated via them and also sub-themes emerged from interviewees perceptions, implementations and challenges. Derived from the data and the findings led to the conclusion that the events are perceiving sustainability from the three dimensions of sustainability. However, the environmental dimension was more dominant than economic and socio-cultural. As the data revealed that events are having a large focus on environmental aspects and it is also reflected in the current implementations and their future plans for increased sustainability. Whereas the socio-cultural had less of a focus, despite they a large part of the events were working engaging with volunteers and the local community, as part of this dimension. The economic dimension was identified to also having a focus, as the majority of the events were addressing that economic aspects were crucial for them in order both implement sustainable actions and for the future plans. However, they were not considering it in terms of sustainability and neither connecting it to the concept, but instead expressing the challenges with lack of economy as an on-going challenge for many of them. However, another theme that are considered to be within the economic dimension is en relation to marketing and communication as these two aspects were to a large extend connected to sustainability to used as competitive tool for them in order to stand out with sustainable implementations. It was moreover found that in general the interviewees were highly motivated for increasing the sustainability of the event, as they are all aware of the significance it has in society and in the event industry.
Publication date31 May 2021
Number of pages129
ID: 413356174