• Andreea Toma
3. Term, Sustainable Design (M.SC) (Master Programme)
This article intends to investigate new engagement approaches in the gender inclusivity spectrum. It argues about the importance of giving ownership to the citizens through interactive ways of engagement that will further contribute to more livable cities. The study is taking place in the context of arki_lab investigation for improving their tools and approaches on gender inclusivity through engagement processes. Throughout the paper, topics like gender inclusivity and inclusive cities are addressed that help to give notion to the further investigation. In order to support arki_lab to include gender inclusive pariticpaory approches in their practice, a research investigation is taking place, by drawing parallels between the companies actual culture of citizen engagement and the new proposed approach. In order for arki_lab to translate to a company that practices gender inclusivity engagement activities further actions need to be taken
Publication date28 Feb 2011
Number of pages40
ID: 404449153