• Luis Pedro Silva Nogueira Vieira
4. Term, Sound and Music Computing (Master Programme)
Directionality in microphone array systems for artificial hearing or hearable devices exposes the user to certain limitations in the way it can perceive the auditory environment - not always the source of interest is positioned directly in front of the user, or not always it is desirable to have one single point of directionality. Attaining for a possible separation of the audio stream into multiple singletons, this project developed three modalities of sonic interaction, to study the benefits of virtual prototyping using virtual reality environments. Seventeen participants took part in an experiment to find what level of precision was demonstrated when subjects used the interaction models. There were statistical significant differences between participants performances, when performing a selective auditory attention voice-pairing task, with the three interactions in a purely virtual rendered scenario and in comparing the interactions' scores between both scenarios.
Publication date31 Aug 2018
Number of pages75
External collaboratorGN Hearing A/S
Supervisor Jesper Udesen judesen@jabra.com
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