• Ivan Marinov Dimitrov
  • Florin Daniel Firte
  • David González González
This Master thesis has been conducted by a group of three international students, as the 4th
semester of the Management in the Building Industry programme, from the department of Civil
Engineering at Aalborg University.
The thesis is entitled “Successful application of Last Planner System combined with Location
Based Management System. Divergences between theory and practice.” As the title suggest,
the research topic focuses on scheduling of on-site construction with enhanced attention on
improving the traditional methods. This is achieved by applying the Last Planner System (LPS)
combined with Location Based Management System (LBMS).
The topic was chosen due to the inadequacy of current production control systems and their
incapability to handle the complexity of on-site construction. Since 1966, the productivity in
Denmark has increased by a rate of merely 10%, while other industries have increased
production rates as high as 100%. This data shows the construction sector’s stagnation, the
reason being the numerous cost and time overruns and overall inefficiency of the building
process. LPS and LBMS are reported to have a positive effect on schedule reliability and
control, although there is limited research and guidance about the combination of both
Publication date5 Jan 2016
Number of pages81
ID: 225264165