• Emilia Guerra Silva Sørensen
4. term, Biotechnology, Master (Master Programme)
Animal farming is in various aspects a great source of pollution and furthermore becoming a big part of the discussion of ethically derived products. The demand for meat products is increasing as a result of the growing population and increasing middle class. In response to this biotechnological solutions can be implemented to substitute current animal derived products.Substitutionsformeatsare challenging as taste, nutritional profile andtextureisdifficulttoreplicate.Bycultivating meats, attempts are made to replicate the animal derived meatsin vitro.
Various part of the production flow is described including: The type of animal and source of cell lines can differ and the strategy needed will depend on which is chosen; The growth media and subsequent growth factors vary depending on the animals from which the cells are harvested from; Anchorage dependence of cells which creates challenges for liquid cultivation in bioreactors; Scaffolding materials and techniques to replicate structured meat product.
Discussed herein is the strategy for cultivation of “sushi-grade” salmonbythecompany Wildtype. Based on a publicly available patent. Strategies include various methods for obtaining stem cells and various genetic strategies for proliferation and differentiation of these cells.
Publication date15 Jan 2023
Number of pages34
ID: 510463885