Substation Utsira - regaining awareness of the subordinate

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Leonie Hülya Irmak
  • Tuva Sveindal
  • Mathilde Slot
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
This architectural thesis investigates the relationship between technology, human and nature in the establishment of a land-based substation on the small island society of Utsira. Being more than just a subordinate component in the energy production and supply network; regaining awareness. In this thesis, we explore the substation’s potential for generating acceptance and interest for renewable energy production.
The thesis is twofold. Rooted in a historical perspective it is, at one hand, an exploration of the value we as a society place in infrastructure. It calls for a new attention to such typology that reflects the values of tomorrow; transparency in production and modesty in consumption.
On the other hand, it explores the concept of impermanence within construction. The energy production of tomorrow is unknown, and the built scene should accommodate such changes. We explore how materials can be utilised with minimal processing and reuse as resources in its natural state by the next generation.
A deep understanding of raw materials and reuse of resources lies within the building heritage of Utsira. Stone has been a predominant material, and its traditions will be carried on in the establishment of a new cultural chapter. Contemporary technology allows for a higher level of precision in production to accommodate the technical demands of a high-voltage station. Creating the baseline for an architecture that embraces both its past and its future.
Through Life Cycle Assessment, the building’s Climatic Potential, Social Potential and Reuse Potential has been presented. The final design presents a building with a halve CO2-eq.for a cradle-to-gate scenario as compared to the functional equivalent, and when including its reuse potential, in a cradle-to-cradle scenario, the substation has a negative GWP score. This whilst also embracing the Substations potential for generating social values.
Publication date26 May 2023
Number of pages236
ID: 531556554