• Henrik Hessellund Olsen
  • Patrick Oscar Pater
4. term, Master of Building Physics (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
Boliggården's department 10 Hamlets Vænge consists of apartment buildings with one to four apartments in each. An overall plan of approx. DKK 250 mill. which all the Hamlets Vænges tenants are paying. The overall plan is a differentiated renovation, for the four areas consisting of area A that is renovated 50%, area B that is not renovated, area C that is renovated 100% and area D that is renovated 50%. The report is based on two blocks that are geographically different. These apartment blocks are expected to have reference to the rest of the areas in Hamlets Vænge.

The report reveals the energy needs of the buildings before and after the renovation. Summer comfort is analyzed in the form of over temperatures. For these calculations, the Be18 calculation program is used. The energy requirement for natural ventilation and mechanically balanced ventilation is calculated in Be18.

The report describes management strategies for the technical infrastructure. The heat supply is depicted as district heating or block heating from own boiler operation. Calculations of design heat loss have been made for own boiler operation in different scenarios. Central and decentralized controls are described in the report.

The report describes differences in heat consumption and heating bills. The report describes a new method for settling heating bills as dynamic heat distribution.

With the simulation program BSim, simulations have been made of thermal indoor climate. The simulations contain different scenarios for analyzing the thermal indoor climate.

The report concludes with a perspective section, which looks at parallels between Hamlet's Vænges renovation and the other branches of Boliggården. Recommendations have been made based on the issues in the report for both Hamlets Vænge and Boliggården in general.
Publication date3 Jun 2019
Number of pages143
ID: 304576562