• Sanne Andersen
  • Katrine Dehn
Introduction: The objectives for all doctors are to ensure patient safety and limit medical errors. IT systems can help doctors to get an overview of the medication of a patient. FMK, a national database containing medical information, was developed to ease communication between doctors of different sectors. The implementation of FMK has been problematic and doctors do not use the system consistently.
Methods: Status of implementation of FMK was examined using the percentages for performed medication updates locally, regionally, and nationally. To investigate the doctors' attitude towards FMK, interviews with doctors at Vendsyssel Hospital, Hjørring, was carried out. FMK should limit medical and medication errors, and these were studied. Results: The percentages for performed medication updates reveals that the goal of 100 % has not been reached. Doctors agree that the idea of FMK is good however currently they do not trust information in FMK to be correct. Many doctors are uncertain about the definition of tasks which they perform in FMK. The doctors found the implementation to be sudden and with insufficient information prior to the implementation. Results of medical and medication errors indicate that FMK has not yet had the desired
effect on these. Conclusion: Results for the status of implementation reveals that the implementation goal have not yet been reached. Doctors stated that FMK will be helpful however currently they do not trust the information due to the fact that not all use it as intended. Since numbers of medical and medication errors have not decreased, FMK has not yet had the expected positive effect on patient safety.
Publication date29 May 2015
Number of pages54
External collaboratorSygehus Vendsyssel
Risk Manager Vivi Pedersen vip@rn.dk
ID: 213196870