• Martin Lejsgaard Myrup
  • Martin Skouboe Pedersen
3. term, Software, Master (Master Programme)
This paper explores the potential for pervasive computing in students kitchen with regards to cooking.

This is done by documenting the research done within the field of pervasive computing in the domestic kitchen in the form of a literature study. To be able to conclude the robustness of the literature study, affinity diagramming has been utilized along with an algorithm called 'Any-two agreement' used to calculate the actual robustness of the study.

In order to identify the potential for pervasive computing in students kitchens, a survey has been utilized. This survey has been sent to three study programs in an effort to identify cooking habits of students along with reasons as to why students do not cook at home.

Furthermore, a workshop has been held. This workshop had nine students attending and the main purpose of the workshop was for the students to identify their own reasons as for not cooking at home and come up with ideas to systems that could solve these problems.

Finally, the paper documents, by cross referencing results from the literature study, survey and workshop areas that are of interest if new systems where to be designed with the main priority of getting students to cook more at home.
Publication date7 Jan 2011
Number of pages85
ID: 43538744