• Frederik Hald
4. term, Structural and Civil Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis will concern topology optimization with two different commercial programs (Absqus CAE and Altair Optistruct) where SIMP optimization is used. First will the fundamental theory in the field of topology optimization be outlined and a review of the historical background is presented.
Topology optimization will be performed on three cases with increased complexity. The two commercial programs will be used and commented based on different performance parameters e.g. resulting topologies, compliance and time used. This will lead to an overview of the functionality of the programs.
Topology optimization will be performed on two civil engineering structure. First a transition piece for an offshore wind turbine. Two sizes of transition pieces in CRC concrete are optimized using SIMP optimization. A rotation constrain is used to ensure loads can be obtain from multiple directions. Second a pedestrian footbridge over a freeway optimized. The bridge in investigate through four topology optimizations. An eigenfrequency constrain is applied in a SIMP optimization task.
Publication date8 Jun 2012
Number of pages105
ID: 63661529