• Anne Rosborg Wegener
4. term, Communication, Master (Master Programme)
My interest in human communication is based on the IPOK education. Through my studies I have gained knowledge about how interaction between people is affected by external circumstances, both in the organization and at home. Besides my professional affiliation this thesis is based on my questions about one of the biggest pathologies today: stress. My inspiration comes from the book “Stress det moderne traume” by psychologist Nadja Prætorius, who expands and explains the concept of stress, while relating it to jobs and the terms the modern individual has on his/her workplace. Furthermore Prætorius criticises society and its way of dealing with stressed individuals. The purpose of this thesis is to focus on stress as a present part of modern work life. The intention of the choice of stress as the focus is to propel a nuanced debate, focusing on the individual experience of stress. Furthermore to design a new stress discourse, based on literature study. Through analysis of several theoretical views, new ways to understand, talk about and recognize stress are found. The views of people, who have felt stress on their own bodies, will be included as empirical material. Axel Honneths recognition theory, gives a theoretical response to the experiences individuals in the empirical material have had. In addition, Michal Hviid Jacobsen’s book “Arbejdssamfundet”, is used to characterize the job society anno 2009. Also relevant material from the law will be included to create a (critic) nuanced picture of today's society. The campaign “Fra stress til trivsel” - ("From Stress to Well-being") serves as the communicative foundation and focuses on dealing with stress. The campaign is commented and criticised on the basis of the aforementioned theorists as well as the individual experiences. Specialist Bo Netterstrøm provides a working psychological view, which sees stress, as a condition individuals can manage, using coping-techniques. Also Richard Lazarus’ theory on stress is discussed. To conclude the thesis, a new discourse is constructed, which gives us a way to understand the concept of stress from the applied theories, optics and empirical evidence. Finally the paper is summarized and further research is discussed.
Publication date2009
Number of pages65
Publishing institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 17809070